2016 Internships



Do you want a mindblowing experience?

Do you want to do something real?

Do you want to do something meaningful?

Do you want to apply all your learning?



Our semester one and whole year projects

are ready and waiting for you!


Want to help a marae develop?

We are looking for two students to help a local marae create a long term vision for the future. You will get to spend time on the marae, listening to kaumatua talking about their memories, hopes and dreams, and work with the Māui Lab team to identify ways to make these dreams real. You will learn about marae development, how to run hui at marae and how to create a development plan. You will also get to eat the best trifle and tuna (eel).


Want to nurture Māori visions and aspirations for the future?

We are looking for three students to kick off a project that is about strengthening tino rangatiratanga at the community level. Tino rangatiratanga or self determination starts with our people charting their own destiny. This project is about collecting stories about what our people want their future to be—this is a hope project, dedicated to collecting Māori aspirations. You will learn about how social and cultural capital can build and sustain communities, while connecting with inspirational Māori across Ōtautahi (Christchurch).


Want to help connect Indigenous peoples globally?

We are looking for two students to work on a project that will result in Māori having exchanges with First Nations peoples in North America, you will be part of building global Indigenous networks. Your challenge will be to work out how the exchange programme could work, where people should go, what they should do while they are there, to get the most transformative impact of an exchange programme. You will get to learn about different First Nations communities and networks in North America, and have the opportunity to work alongside a great Māori change agent.


Want to advocate for Māori rights?

We are looking for up to three students to partner with the Māori caucus of Community Law Centres to engage with law reform that affects Māori rights, interests and communities. You will have the opportunity to analyse real law reform issues, work with experienced practitioners to identify the impact on Māori and develop creative, principled alternatives that are better for Māori.


Want to help Māori support Māori with our purchasing power?

We are looking for up to three students to create an online Ōtautahi Māori business directory. Why? There are literally hundreds of Māori businesses in Ōtautahi, from builders to plumbers, hairdressers, café owners and beyond. But, unless you’re in the know it’s hard to find them. We want to make it easy for Māori to support Māori. You will get to connect with Māori business owners and business networks on a discovery of who is who in Christchurch’s Māori business, writing up their stories and following the kumara vine to connect with more people.


If you are interested in any of these projects, or want to let us know that you are interested in future projects, drop us a line at mauilab@canterbury.ac.nz

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