About Us


The Māui Lab is named after the great problem solver and solution builder Māui Tikitiki-a-Taranga.  


Māui epitomises our goals:

  • Work on the challenges that matter most to our people
  • Create bold solutions
  • Repeat


Everything we do must tick two boxes:

  • Serve our people
  • Grow our students


Our ultimate aim is to harness the talent of the next generation, to create next generation solutions for our people. 


We do three things:

Broker and manage internship projects—this is our favourite win-win. Our community can bring us anything on their wish list or to do list, and we will manage a team of students to deliver. This is a win-win because our community gets a free team of professionally managed smart and enthusiastic students. Our students get to make their learning real, have experiences that will shape and inspire them, gain course credit and put something on their CV that will distinguish them



Consulting services— we also harness the brain-power of our academic team to offer consulting services to our community. Every consulting team will also include students, so that they get professional experience and a little extra cash in their pocket. We specialise in innovation, policy, strategy, facilitation, community development, education, te reo and beyond. We can also bring in experts from across UC, so that no matter what your project is, you can rely on having a super smart team led by Māori to serve our people.



UC 15-0286-12.jpg


Research partnerships— we also partner with our people on research they want done, to ask the questions you want asked, consolidate evidence for you or build the case for whatever it is that you want to do. 


If you have something on your wish list that we could help with, please reach out- we would love to hear from you!



The Māui Lab is a partnership between Aotahi-School of Māori and Indigenous Studies, Ngāi Tahu Research Centre and Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor Māori at the University of Canterbury.  We have a simple recipe:


  • Our communities have big aspirations and limited resources.

  • Our students want to work on real projects that have meaning for our people.

  • We join the dots: serve our people, grow our tauira, create next generation solutions


"I really enjoyed the work experience and getting to apply the skills I'd developed over the course of my degree, because a lot of people think that's something you can't do with a B.A"
- Madi