Our internships are a win-win. Our people get things they want, done. Students get experiences that inspire, shape and grow them.

We do internships in a unique way

  • We come out to our people to understand what you want 
  • Then, we bring together a team of students to work on your project 
  • Then, we manage the team of students to make the project happen


Our community gets a professionally managed team of the talented next generation. Our students get their first experience of working in a professionally managed team and delivering on community aspirations.


So, how does it work?

From the community side:



From the student side:



The Small Print

Projects have to align with the university year, which is most cases won’t be a problem.Students will need to be approved to work on projects by the Head of Aotahi.

"I felt like I learnt more about working with Maori people during my time with the Maui lab than I did in my entire undergrad"
- Jess T